Handbook of Aerospace Electromagnetic Compatibility

Published on 30 November 2018

<p><b>A comprehensive resource that explores electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) for aerospace systems</b></p> <p><i>Handbook of Aerospace Electromagnetic Compatibility</i> is a groundbreaking book on EMC for aerospace systems that addresses both aircraft and space vehicles. With contributions from an international panel of aerospace EMC experts, this important text deals with the testing of spacecraft components and subsystems, analysis of crosstalk and field coupling, aircraft communication systems, and much more. The text also includes information on lightning effects and testing, as well as guidance on design principles and techniques for lightning protection.</p> <p>The book offers an introduction to E<sup>3</sup> models and techniques in aerospace systems and explores EMP effects on and technology for aerospace systems. Filled with the most up-to-date information, illustrative examples, descriptive figures, and helpful scenarios, <i>Handbook of Aerospace Electromagnetic Compatibility</i> is designed to be a practical information source. This vital guide to electromagnetic compatibility:</p> <p>•    Provides information on a range of topics including grounding, coupling, test procedures, standards, and requirements</p> <p>•    Offers discussions on standards for aerospace applications</p> <p>•    Addresses aerospace EMC through the use of testing and theoretical approaches</p> <p>Written for EMC engineers and practitioners, <i>Handbook of Aerospace Electromagnetic Compatibility</i> is a critical text for understanding EMC for aerospace systems.</p>

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30 November 2018
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