Jelly Boots, Smelly Boots

Published on 4 October 2018

A riotous celebration of words – silly words, funny words, words you only use in your own family, new words, old words, and the very best words in the right order.<br/><br/><i>Melon<br/><br/>Melon squashy,<br/>melon sloshy.<br/>My friend Helen's <br/>eating melon.<br/>So far, so good<br/>with Helen<br/>and her melon.<br/>But here's what I'm tellin'<br/>Helen:<br/>'Don't SIT on your melon, <br/>Helen!'</i><br/><br/>Filled with colour illustrations and packed with silly rhymes, witty wordplay and thought-provoking story poems, this collection will delight children of all ages. Michael Rosen is the bestselling author of<i> We</i><i>'</i><i>re Going on a Bear Hunt</i>, along with many other picture books and collections of poetry.

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